Tickling from the Classics

Tickling from the Classics

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Tickling from the Classics

Tickling from the ClassicsFEATURING SCENES FROMAlice In Tickleland TIED & TICKLED 27Alice had an inkling strange things were aloof when she stepped through the looking glass. When she found herself securely tied to a chair and being savagely tickled by the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, she thought she must be dreaming. Perhaps it was the bowl of mushrooms she ate. But if it is a dream, it’s getting more bizarre by the minute! In the court of the Queen of Hearts bondage and tickling are the main event. There can only be one rational explanation for this zany sequence of events. Alice must be lost in Tickleland! It’s vital that she find her way back home, and very soon! If she could only stop laughing long enough to get freeFeatherface TIED & TICKLED 15Three lovely young girls on vacation find themselves stranded in the hills. One of them goes for help. She unfortunately winds up at an old chicken farm inhabited by Feather Face, the Texas feathersaw tickler, and his family of crazed chicken pluckers. While she dangles from the rafters, stripped naked and awaiting the cruel caress of Texas chicken feathers, her two companions make their way toward the farm. One by one, they are seized, stripped and bound, like two plucked chickens. What happens next is definitely a laughing matter.FrankentickleVillage Maidens Beware! Dr. Ticklestein and his bizarre associate, Igore, are at it again. This time they’ve constructed the monster, Frankentickle, to assist them in their dirty deeds. One by one, the most beautiful girls in the village are taken, stripped, bound, and tickled senseless. All this horror is done in the futile quest for the elusive “T” spot. Will this madness never end? E-E-Gad!

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