40 Ans Mes Vacances Sans Mon Mari

40 Ans Mes Vacances Sans Mon Mari

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At 40, the gorgeous Lexi is finding out that it’s never too late to surrender yourself to lust and the infinite pleasures of the flesh. Let down by an unfaithful husband, Lexi is treating herself to a well-earned holiday in the sun, and goes to meet up with her old friend Dani at her beautiful villa on the Spanish coast. With this sexually liberated woman at her side and surrounded by numerous lovers, Lexi will have the opportunity to let her innermost urges come to light. Who better than Dani to teach her how to finally give in to her countless desires? Lexi has come to the right place. From the moment she crosses the threshold of this sumptuous house, she is bombarded by fantasies she didn’t even know she had: voyeurism, group sex parties, sapphic delights… everything seems to be falling nicely into place to lead Lexi towards new horizons of pleasure. That’s when she meets George, one of Dani’s former lovers. Guided by Dani and her friend Ava, who never hesitate to give themselves completely to their lovers, Lexi hopes to go all the way with this beautiful man. No doubt this will give her some even more torrid ideas… but left to her own devices for the very first time, just how far will Lexi be ready to go to satisfy her fantasies?

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