Daddy Touched Me There Too!

Daddy Touched Me There Too!

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Daddy Touched Me There Too!

Alice Merchesi I’ve been having lots of dreams about my Daddy and they’re pretty sexual. Quite a few of them feel so real it’s hard to ignore how they make all 4’6″ of me tingle. The other night Daddy walked in cause he heard me call out his name. He touched me gently and I woke up to Daddy’s face buried in my pussy. He was so gentle at first, I guess because I’m so tiny, but soon he really started fucking my pussy. Daddy’s cock was so big he made me cum quick that way. Daddy fucked me hard until he came inside me. I can’t get pregnant at my size. I’m barely 75lbs soakin wet.

Lucie Kline I went back to Daddy’s when I was 18. I knew he had a special bond with my sisters but I never really knew why. I found some risque photos in my sister’s room that really made me understand. Apparently Daddy has beening with my sisters and something made me want to too. I confessed my feelings to Daddy but he was a bit apprehensive. I convinced him to let me see his cock. As soon as my tongue touched his cock he was all over me. We had some of the best sex I’ve ever had right up until he came inside me. He didn’t know I wasn’t on the pill. 18 and pregnant here I come.

Olivia Kasady Ever since the first time Daddy touched me there it seems I just can’t get enough. Don’t get me wrong sex with Daddy is great but there’s something about anal that really gets me going. That and Daddy gets to cum inside me too. I think I want Daddy to fuck my ass tonight when he gets home!!!

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